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Tonight the Carlsbad Institution Table will determine who actually gets to complete the vacancy remaining by Kelli Moors’ leaving. Republican Sage Naumann has requested the positioning. This is a the latest job interview with Naumann.

Visitor Line Just recently Sage Naumann, a Republican applicant for Carlsbad Unified School Table, produced news reports for directed out that the present part of the Board (Kelli Moors) voted to prolong a 6 body deal to your law firm she had taken employment with just days after the vote. The storyline received enough insurance coverage due to Sage how the Table chosen to re-vote around the deal. It was actually not surprising if you ask me that Sage was the only person to catch this or how much doing the correct point mattered to Sage. Sage Carlsbad

  • Sage: I think in smaller sized, successful government. I think how the.
  • Sage Naumann School Board.

I fulfilled Sage just over this past year and have been surprised by his determination to better his community educational institutions with his fantastic character as a choice. He is the kind of directly-frontward, dilemma-solving new type of Republican prospect who seems to be a lot more concerned carrying out what exactly is correct as opposed to his private ambition.

Surprised by his determination to better

September sixteenth the Carlsbad School Board will designate an alternative for Ms. Moors. To assist Sage and to learn more about the scheduled appointment: Sage Naumann School Board

Sage Naumann Carlsbad Sage Carlsbad Naumann

Here is Sage in his individual words and phrases.

Is Sage in his individual

Q: Have you attend school in Carlsbad? What was your experience like?

Sage: My first Carlsbad school practical experience was with Principal Boone with his fantastic fantastic personnel of instructors at Magnolia Elementary. Sage Naumann City Council

I went to Magnolia Primary, Aviara Oaks Elementary, Valley Midsection, then Carlsbad High, paying all but 4 years of my education in Carlsbad. I needed an incredible overall practical experience, walked out with close friends I’ll maintain for years, expertise that may light my pathway, and a satisfaction within my district and my city. That’s a large purpose I want to make sure that CUSD has healthy spending budgets and a lasting future, to ensure that we can give each kid a high quality education and learning, and be sure they move on content and able to complete their existence targets.

Years of my education in Carlsbad I

Q: What particularly concerning your individual governmental thinking enables you to a Republican?

Your individual

Sage: In my opinion in smaller, successful government. I really believe how the free marketplace is highly recommended the fantastic equalizer, not the federal government. I believe that the debts has to be held at a reasonable level and paid back in due time. I really believe inside the unalienable privileges that the forefathers transcribed into our founding documents. Sage Carlsbad

I think with this region. I think inside our constitution. I believe within the totally free marketplace. It’s that easy.

Think inside

  • Q: Have you go to university in Carlsbad? What was your expertise.
  • Sept . sixteenth the Carlsbad School Table will designate a replacement for Ms. Moors. To.