Drones happen to be extremely popular around the world within the last many years. For negative and positive reasons, they also have been in news reports very continuously for which appears like quite a while. I’d been a bit shy to fly them, due to the fact of all of the bad press. However, I’m a strong believer that the couple of bad seeds shouldn’t be permitted to ruin the everybody else. For that reason reason, I contacted Yuneec for overview of their Yuneec Drone 4K Quadcopter. They sent me the drone, so we were off and away to the aerial races. I’m coming only at that review like a complete novice. I have not traveled any drone before, however with we’ve got the technology becoming a lot more prolific, the time had come to test. I additionally still find it down to photographers to become well experienced nowadays of any type of media. If your client comes and would really like a marketing video shot, I have faith that we ought to have the opportunity and understanding needed for the task.

Overview and Specs

The Drone 4k is very fundamental in the construction, with the majority of the features being packed in with the technology inside it. Its plastic design enables so that it is very light. The majority of the weight is really within the battery. The package included two teams of propellers, and they’re very easy to use. Just match the 2 “A” propellers and also the two “B” propellers, and you’re all set.

Flight Time

The batteries really constitute the majority of the weight from the Drone 4K. The specs state that the Drone 4K can get 25 minutes of flight time. As with every manufacturers measurements, that 25 minutes is within optimal conditions. My testing had me around twenty minutes of flight time typically. Regarding the and it is cost point, this really is great flight time. It isn’t the very best drone for flight time, however it sits presents itself the spectrum within this department.

Security Features

Due to formerly pointed out “bad apples” Yuneec has wisely implemented several security features within the Drone 4K. The drone won’t fly near commercial airports. According with FAA law, it’s also restricted to an altitude of 400 ft.


Your camera that is included with it shoots 4K/30fps, or 1080p/120fps for excellent slow motion. Additionally, it snaps 12 megapixel photos. One of the things which i was super looking forward to would be that the camera is really a “no distortion” camera. This means that you will not get the fisheye look that you’d enter a GoPro, and also that implies that you won’t be required to take some time in publish to fix it. Unlike other brands, the Drone 4K also has a 3-axis gimbal connected to the camera standard.

Flying the drone

From a position of getting simply no experience flying drones, the Drone 4k is definitely an absolute pleasure to fly. The controls are smooth, and that i didn’t find myself ever really feeling such as the drone was getting away from control. Beginning in the Drone 4k is simply by holding lower the red “start” button for any couple of seconds. When began up, the drone won’t instantly lift off. All of the pilot must do is flick the left controller stick up, and also the Drone 4k will lift off and hover about 4 ft in mid-air. I understand this feature isn’t unique towards the Drone 4k, however i love the way the drone hovers in position and doesn’t drift. From time to time I desired to obtain my wits about me, so that as a rookie pilot, having the ability to take my hands from the controls without any anxiety about crashing is amazing.

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